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Issuance of SCS-Calibration-Certificates for the measured variable "pressure"...

...In 1988 being the first non-government calibration laboratory for pressure in Switzerland to be approved, our laboratory today is accredited under ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and offers the issuance of SCS-certificates, recognised by all signatory countries of the EA Memorandum.

SCS-certificates are necessary if international acknowledgement is wanted or company internal quality management porcedures, respectively regulatory procedures (like those of the FDA) require them.

Our SCS-certificates are available from -0.1 up to 80 MPa.
For details please kindly refer to our accreditation

Muster_SCS-Zertifikat_2020-1_kl Muster_ISO-Zertifikat_2020_kl

Issuance of ISO (works) calibration certificates for the measured variable "pressure" and "flow"

These calibration certificates are available for -0.1 up to 80 MPa.
For details please kindly refer to our accreditation
Flow-meter calibration services are also offered based on the ISO standard.
At present, we can offer to calibrate your flow meters on the following flow rates:

  • up to 10 ln/min
  • up to 100 ln/min
  • accuracy 0.3% F.S.

Consulting and Training... the fields of calibrating and the according quality management

Based on many years of experience, we can offer the design and the assembly of complete calibration facilities as well as consulting services on calibration and quality assurance.

We are also conducting training courses in our facilities as well as at the customer's plant or any other suitable location.

For the calibration and test of process equipment, we can supply different accessories such as hand pressure pumps, pneumatic pressure intensifiers, hydro/pneumatic separators, liquid absorbers, pressure regulators and limiters etc.