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HT02 Series

Induktiv principal, robust design, temperature compensated... HUBER transducers...

HT02_klein...the HT02 series is perfectly suitable of measuring
over-, under- and differential pressure of non aggressive gasses.

The rugged design allows the usage of the HT02 series even in harsh environments.

Our HT02 devices score with features like long term stability, linearity and reproduceability.
The used sensors are temperature compensated.
A possible temperature drift is therefore reduced to a minimum.

The HT02 puts out a analog voltage- (0… 10 V) and a current-signal (0… 20 mA).
The current signal can be switchend to 4… 20 mA.
For highly changing pressures, a corresponding damping can be cut in.
The delay in the damping can be selected via dip switch (10ms / 2 sec. / 4 sec. )

Various individual configuration options can be selected and therefore ensure,
the devices of the HT02 Series to fit perfectly in your application.

pdf-icon-32x32Pressure Transducer HT02